"Revolution" by Juan Carlos Ramirez

By Washington Football Team Wednesday, Mar 10, 2021 02:00 PM

Our History- We are the place that sets the standards, not for who we are as a team, but who we are as a league. We are the revolution for those who want to belong to not only a team, but an idea that we can, and have to, do better. Our City- Washington is the capital of the unexpected. People come here seeking opportunities they cannot find elsewhere. And we give it to them. Because our city is not defined by the past, but by our ability and desire to change the present to achieve a better future. Our Team- The Washington Revolution is more than a team. It's a movement made up of both our franchise and our fanbase. We measure success not on our ability to not only be the best in the sport, but by our ability to change it.

Juan Carlos Ramirez